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Memorial created 11-21-2007 by
N Chiume
Kanyama Chiume
November 22 1929 - November 21 2007

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10-05-2008 11:56 AM -- By: Emmanuel Ngalapa,  From: TANZANIA  

Siku, wiki, miaka inapita lakini upendo wetu kwako haupiti, TUTAKUKUMBUKA DAIMA MPENDWA WETU.

09-12-2008 9:08 AM -- By: walter,  From: tanzania  

Erica Mwaipasi pamoja na mimi mwenyewe twawapeni pole sana na mungu wafariji...

08-27-2008 5:37 AM -- By: bernadetha mkandya,  From: tanzania  

shall be remembered forever!

03-29-2008 3:06 PM -- By: patricia wadi,  From: zimbabwe  

remember enara wadi passed on the 12/04/2006 she was my loving daughter i miss you a lot may god bless her where ever she is memories will never die rest in peace

03-09-2008 11:28 PM -- By: N. N Mhango,  From: Canada  

The dirge for Kanyama Chiume-Doyen.

It has taken me a long time to morn Kanyama Chiume. Much has already been written about this doyen. He is no more yeah. He’s gone and he will never return.

Is he totally gone? Nay! His legacy will live on beyond imagination. His selfless life can never varnish. How can it if at all those he lived and died for are still living on?

The then Malawian dissidents running away from the manacles of their tin pot dictator, Hastings Kamuzu Banda (May God curse and punish him) still remember how Chiume- at the then Pugu road- used to be their second father in a foreign country. They still vividly remember how he used to provide shelter and logistic for them ready to take on challenge in a new beginning in a new land.

Indeed, the guy was connected and blessed. He was bigger than life itself. A small body by stature but a lion of man that he was! Chiume you are no more. Death is our sine quo non on this earth. We shall miss you. We shall always salute you as we honour your noble and exemplary life.

Father I am a good orator. But when it comes to tell the world what you meant and weighed, I feel small and a dwarf altogether. The grief thereof has overcome me. Though I am trying to forgather myself, the loss has heavily tormented me. Allow me to summarily aver that you were no normal person. What a fig tree even magnolia fir one! This is true not flibbertigibbet. You were a huge tree under which many hid.

May the almighty God grant you a peaceful rest in your new life? May God reward you for your noble and unique love of human rights?
May God reciprocate on our behalf?
Go dear.
Go father.
Go doyen.
Go hero.
Go true son of Africa.
Accord my homily greetings to my father your best friend FN-(Mhango) as you used to call him.

Your son N. N Mhango

02-17-2008 10:50 AM -- By: Cameron Donnelly,  From: Scotland  

My Father, William Donnelly, worked for Mr. Chiume in the Education Ministry in the early 1960's and used to tell me when I was a child that Mr. Chiume was a very great man.  Mr. Chiume contributed much to Malawi particularly when he was Minister of Education and Foreign Minister.

02-12-2008 10:37 PM -- By: lina mwenda,  From: houston tx  

mwenyezi mungu amuweke mahali pema peponi.poleni sana mama ,sonia ,miriam,nathan ,da mgeni and everybody nakumbuka alivyokua hapo .poleni sana.

02-12-2008 4:30 PM -- By: Joyce Kassembe,  From: Tanzania  

I am very sorry for the death of our Dear Father

Friend of Boss and Tasi and Susan Kubaga Chiume

02-02-2008 6:20 PM -- By: mtinke Gwebe nyirenda ,  From: USA  

My condolences to all the Chiume family for the loss of your father. May his soul rest in peace




02-02-2008 5:25 PM -- By: Joey Power,  From: Canada  

Dear Chiume Family,

Please accept my condolences on the passing of Kanyama. I interviewed him a number of times in the 1990s for a book that I have written and which I hope will come out some time in the next year or so. His niece, Ulanda Ndau was my research assistant at this time as well. I will never forget the first time I met him at his Blantyre house when he was working at CLAIM. He smiled widely and said, "So, here I am - Lucifer". He maintained a wit and humour which was truly admirable in spite of all the adversity he and the family suffered. He will be sorely missed.

As promised, when the book is published I will send a copy to the family. I am only sad that my slow progress has meant that he is unable to read, as he would joke, "the lies I wrote about him".

Yours respectfully,
Joey Power
History Department
Ryerson University
Toronto, Ontario


02-02-2008 5:05 PM -- By: Lufingo Mwafulirwa ,  From: Malawi  

I am sadned with the death of Mr Chiume. May god be with you during this trying time.

Lufingo Mwafulirwa


02-02-2008 4:52 PM -- By: Paliani Chinguwo ,  From: Lilongwe  

As a stauch panafricanist myself, i hereby send my heartfelt condolences to the entire Chiume family for the death of a nationalist, revolutionary, visionary, staunch panafricanist, and Hero of Africa, Kanyama Chiume. He has always been my hero throughout. I still keep a letter in my personal archives he wrote me in his own handwritting in 2002 from Nkhatabay inspiring my colleagues and myself in the field of panafricanism.I was there with you at the burial ceremony last saturday to pay the last respects to this Hero.
In honour of Kanyama Chiume and his collegues who fled after the cabinet crisis, i wrote an article on Cabinet Crisis years back to inform the people on actually what constituted the so called cabinet Crisis. Part of it has appeared in today's Nation paper on Kamuzu Supplement in a work which i collaborated with Mzati Nkolokosa.

02-02-2008 4:25 AM -- By: Zaytun Baghdellah,  From: Dar es Salaam  

I am deeply saddened to hear the news about the sudden
death of our beloved Uncle Kanyama Chiume My thoughts
are with you all during this difficult time. We are
all in a state of shock.

I remember Uncle Chiume as a literal person and very
active during those days of Pan Africanism , together
with his collegues Baghdellah and Makange May there
souls rest in eternal peace…The last I saw him
was during those days when he had an office near Co
cabs…he always greeted me with a smile and spoke very
fondly of my Dad..

I know you guys will miss Uncle Chiume greatly. During
this difficult time, I know you will draw upon your
own strength and the strength of loved ones that hold
you in their thoughts.

Remember this world is filled with people who care
about you and are thinking about you in this difficult
time of sorrow.

You have my deepest sympathy.
Zaytun Baghdellah..

02-02-2008 12:14 AM -- By: Shan Sacranie,  From:  

Dear Nathan - I only just learnt about the death of Mr. Chiume.
I recall meeting your father on several occasions when I was a little boy growing up during the troubled times in then Nyasaland. Quite apart from his prolific views on the future of an independent Malawi and his visions for pan Africa, what always struck me was how he acknowledged those around him - even a child trying to come to terms with the changes which were taking place. I recall he was always intense - but also remember him stooping down to shake my hand.
You father was a visionary - perhaps years ahead of his time, certainly decades ahead of Malawi's political maturity. These were words used by my own father, Sattar Sacranie, when we first learnt that Kanyama Chiume had managed to escape during the Cabinet Crisis.
I borrowed memories of your father when I wrote "Intensity of a Dream" a fictional novel about Malawi. He was the future and like the fools we are, we lost him.
Africa lost a teacher, Malawi lost a leader.
Shan Sacranie.

02-01-2008 11:36 PM -- By: Dr. William Godfrey Nyagwa ,  From: Dar es Salaam  

Mimi Dr. William Godfrey Nyagwa wa Dar Es Salaam kwa niaba ya familia yangu
> kwa niaba yangu binafsi, napenda kufikisha salaam za rambirambi kwa ndugu
> jamaa na marafiki kwa kifo cha mzee wetu Chiume. Mimi lilikuwa na ukaribu na
> mzee wetu muda wote nilipota nafasi nilipokuwa naishi New York. Mungu
> aipokee roho ya Mzee Chiume katika ufalme wa Mbingu...Amen.

02-01-2008 11:20 PM -- By: Masauko Chipembere Jr.,  From: New York  

To my brothers and sisters,

 I'm sorry for your loss. Our father's
were the men at the front of this struggle that
created the country the world now calls Malawi. Their
contributions to the struggle for the liberation of
Africa have often been omitted from the books. But, we
know that things would be much different in Southern
Africa without their contributions.

The only light I can find in the situation is that
your father's name will not be forgotten. He made his
contribution to our history and he cannot be denied.
Few have put their lives on the line to make the world
better for the many who suffer. His name is amoungst
those few. Our fathers have also left us a legacy to
uphold. We cannot just become more westernized
Africans. We must continue to make life better for
those at home. This is hard work but there is honor
and dignity in doing it.

 Know that we are with your family in spirit. We are
bonded by a common history and a common struggle. We
are bonded by a collective suffering. The Chipembere's
have not forgotten where we came from or where we are
going. There is still a lot of work for our familes to
do in honor of our fathers.

Masauko Chipembere Jr.


01-27-2008 11:46 PM -- By: Isaac cheke Ziba,  From:  

One of the big lessons that I learnt when I was at St Patricks Seminary (1991 - 1995) and being taught by (Rev)Fr Dr Martin Mtumbuka on the issue of stoning Steven was that "...you know you know, heroes never die" they just sleep.

Fare thee well, Kanyama Chiume...our commiserations to the whole family...

Kamuzu hunted this man, in Mzimba they even coined a song to denigrate the man when responding the juicy antics of the Ingoma ya Bobaba - it went like this: -

"Chakanyama (I hear kanyam was a very wee man though) Chakanyama hoooooo blah blah

and yet another that went like this: -

"kanyama na banyake ehhhh, Kanyama nabanyakeeee ooohhhhh, eeeh batondeka eeee" - those that know Ingoma ya bobaba can add more meat to these songs.

To me, when I look back, I discover why Kamuzu was so paranoid of political figures like Kanayam Chiume...usually politicians turn frineds into foes very very easily and quickly and vice-versa and the viciuos circle goes on and songs like I hint to above just existed to underpin and underscore that fear, that paranoia...

What a loss to malawi...but possibly Kanyama's departure poses us with an opportunity to celebrate his life.

Fare thee well, Kanyama.

Isaac cheke Ziba

01-27-2008 11:43 PM -- By: Sulitha Kachipande ,  From:  

My prayers and thoughts go with the Chiume family at this difficult time. Spoke to Kanyama on several occassions right here in NY over the past few years. We will miss his wisdom and intelligence and the eye opening debates we had with him.


01-27-2008 11:42 PM -- By: Bupala Bumuni,  From:  

While we all wish Kanyama Chiume well in the hereafter after toiling and immensely contributing to our Motherland Malawi, let's also pray for Malawi as a nation and Malawians as individuals to learn to respect all the contributions that the great sons and daughters of Malawi selflessly made to make Malawi what it is today as a country!

01-27-2008 11:39 PM -- By: John Lwanda ,  From:  

My condolences to the family of Kanyama Chiume.

Chiume was a fully-paid up member of the 'awkward squad' [questioning, persistent, individualistic and standing up for what he beleived in rather than always caving in to prevailing winds] type of politicians. The type I admire even when not agreeing with.

He deserves a place in heroes acre.

John Lwanda

01-27-2008 11:30 PM -- By: Emso,  From:  

Its good you have gone by natural death, you only survived those death attempts to die today in a place far away from your home. My children will know you through history

01-27-2008 11:28 PM -- By: Kangawakako Christopher Mhone,  From:  

RIP Kanyama Chiume, you fought for the freedom of the nation, un fortunately nothing much has been done to honour you. You were one of the pillars of the struggle, the mbumba songs in the days of Kamuzu attest to fear you sent in the spine of the one party regime. May your soul rest in eternal peace.....

01-27-2008 11:26 PM -- By: Gabriel Hausi,  From:  

Poor Kanyama, What a man! and what a fighter and surivivor. Hee won the war but lost the peace. After Dr. Banda let the scene, he could have done more for this country but choose to remain docile. This gave a chance to clowns and makiyolobatics to ruin our country. Rest in Peace Great Man.

01-27-2008 11:24 PM -- By: Cuthbert Kachale ,  From: Zimbabwe  

There falls another hero. He was 'hunted like a pig' in Dar-es Salaam [by Kamuzu's agents] --to us Kanyama's own words. Thanks to Nyerere's intelligence services who could not blink over you. Otherwise you could have been history long ago.

Kanyama is one of the heros who did not reap the fruits of their effprts to liberate Malawi from colonialism. In the world that we live, it is mainly chancers who enjoy the fruits of the efforts others.

I am not surprised about your departure. I was told in confidence last year that you were unwell. All my my attempts to communicate with you were in vain.

Fare thee well, my dear old friend. Mwende makora panthowa ya paulenco wakucharo cha chimango chambura kumara.

May your soul rest in eternal peace


01-27-2008 10:22 PM -- By: bingiza,  From:  

Welcome home buddy. You were deprived of priveledges of staying in your own country for trivial reasons. This man you call a hero-Kamuzu Banda-thought he was punishing you. But you still were able to survive and live a full life.

01-27-2008 10:20 PM -- By: Michael Phiri,  From:  

May the soul of Kanyama Chiume Rest In Peace. I remember as a young boy we used to hear Kamuzu mbumba singing about Kanyama as a Chigawenga who wanted to kill our then beloved Ngwazi. The mbumba had a number of compositions against Kanyama. I unfortunately believed every word of the song. Only to realise later on that he was for more freedoms and democracy. May his soul Rest in Peace.


01-27-2008 10:18 PM -- By: Editor,  From: Nigeria  

Africa has lost one of her greatest son! Chiume was a great Pan Africanist whose vision for one Africa remains unfulfilled but necessary for the emancipation of African people.

In 1991, when Chiume was seeking support to oust Banda and was in Nigeria to rally for support, fate linked us and I became his host throughout his two weeks stay in Nigeria. I remember the bumpy ride in a Lagos rickety taxi to meet with former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo at his farm at the outskirt of Lagos. I remember quite well how the three of us shared a bowl of pounded yam with bare hands and General Obasanjo, then a successful farmer cracking jokes with his old friend Chiume was reuniting with him.

When Chiume returned to Tanzania after his visit, we lost contact. I relocated to the United States in 1993 but the old man, wise man made such an impression on me that I kept searching for a way to reach him. In 2005 finally called the Malawian Embassy in Washington, DC for assistance in locating him but was disappointed. But I was happy to learn from the official I spoke with that he was doing well in Malawi and was the head of a political party in a post Kamuzu Banda Malawi.

Mr. Chiume, I am sorry I never fulfiled the promise of writing you a letter in Swahili. But I will never forget "Abari," and "Abariaku"

Rest in Peace Mr. Chiume. Africa misses you.

01-10-2008 12:54 PM -- By: Fatoumata Toure,  From: Kampala, Uganda  

To the Chiume family, I have learnt with profound grief and sorrow the passing of your father,the great African nationalist and Pan africanist, Kanyama Chiume.I am all the more saddened by the fact that I only came to know of his demise after colleagues in Dar sent me an sms message about yesterday's memorial at the University. I last met your father at the 7th PanAfrican Congress here in Kampala in 1994 and was a lifelong admirer of his courage and determination.His passing is a challenge to surviving Panafricanists,starting with myself, to uphold the ideals of Panafricanism in the face of the powerful forces of division and isolation. To you the members of his immediate family, friends, community,party,the people of Malawi and the stalwarts of his generation,please receive our heartfelt condolences at this sad moment praying to God to fortify and sustain you in your irreparable loss. May his soul repose in the rest he so deserved in the land for whose freedom and dignity he fought to the end, A luta continua, Fatoumata Toure. Global PanAfrican Movement, Kampala,Uganda.

01-10-2008 12:53 PM -- By: Edward .P. Komba(Favell),  From: North Mara  

I am very sorry for the loss of your father .we all believe that one day we will all join with our Beloved Ones,

Its like 20 years ago I went to school with Sonia at Muhimbili Primary School dar es salaam since then we all went diff dir. I also met some members of the family during those years.

My condolences to all the family.

01-10-2008 12:51 PM -- By: Lufingo mwafulirwa,  From:  

I am sadned with the death of Mr Chiume. May god be with you during this trying time.

Mwafwa tafwa


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