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Memorial created 11-21-2007 by
N Chiume
Kanyama Chiume
November 22 1929 - November 21 2007

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11-23-2007 1:28 PM -- By: Emanuel Rweyemamu,  From: New York  

To the Chiume family, i am deeply sorry for the loss of your Dad....i know how difficult it is at this time...but you all need each other at this time of sorrow. Its within each other you can comfort yourselves. May you all be strong and may he rest in PEACE!! Nate pole sana my friend! IMA

11-23-2007 1:24 PM -- By: Cleopatra ,  From: New York and Tanzania  

Words, however kind, can't mend your heartache. But those who care and share your loss wish you comfort and peace of mind. May you find strength in the love of family and in the warm embrace of friends.With deepest sympathy...May he Rest In Peace.

11-23-2007 1:13 PM -- By: Chemi Che-Mponda,  From: Cambridge, MA USA  

Nathan & family, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved father. He was a great man who has gone down in the annals of African history. May he rest in eternal peace.

11-23-2007 1:13 PM -- By: eliza ,  From:  

I'm so sorry about your loss, I will keep you in my prayers. May he rest in peace, take care.

11-23-2007 12:59 PM -- By: frankm,  From:  

You will always be remembered...Rest In Peace, Amen

11-23-2007 12:56 PM -- By: Egidio Ndabagoye,  From: India  

Poleni sana na msiba wa mzee Chiume,Mungu awape Nguvu katika kipindi hiki kigumu.

Apumzike kwa amani.

11-23-2007 12:53 PM -- By: Allan Rwabutaza,  From:  

Pole sana na msiba. May God give his eternal rest and may his soul rest in peace. Please accept my condolences and be strong. In deep sympathy with you and the entire family.


11-23-2007 12:52 PM -- By: Dr Imani Kyaruzi,  From:  

You will always be remembered...Rest In Peace, Amen

11-23-2007 12:31 PM -- By: Jie Liang,  From:  

I'm very sorry for your loss. May your father rest in peace. I know he was part of your life and can never be replaced but life has to go on. He will be blessing you from the heaven. Don't forget you have friends and family around.


11-23-2007 12:21 PM -- By: Martha K. (B.T),  From:  

May the Lord rest his Soul in Peace! Pole sana Nathan to you and your family.

11-23-2007 11:32 AM -- By: Dorea Rolle,  From: Connecticut  

To Sonia & Family - I pray that you take comfort in God's love and may it bring you peace during this time of grief. And remember to take one day at a time and find strength in prayer.

Peace, Prayers and Blessing, Chica (Sonia's friend)

11-23-2007 11:19 AM -- By: Tonera Chiume,  From: Malawi  

It's been a while since i last saw you and now it's sad that i won't get the chance to see you again. I pray your soul rests in peace. Tonera

11-23-2007 10:41 AM -- By: Uli Kyusa,  From: Kyela  

Poleni sana. Faraja zake Mola ziwe nanyi wote. Amen

11-23-2007 8:13 AM -- By: Matildah Mautlane,  From: Botswana  

I send my Condolence. May his soul rest in peace

11-23-2007 7:16 AM -- By: Limbani Magomero,  From: Malawi  

May his soul rest in peace. He was indeed a model and a hero. Malawi will always remmember him for his humility and great contribution to the independence of the republic

11-23-2007 3:28 AM -- By: Tahir H. Othman,  From: Dar es Salaam  

Mola awape subra na nguvu familia ya Mzee Chiume katika kipindi hiki kigumu. RIP Comrade Chiume.

11-23-2007 2:53 AM -- By: Vyande Y.K. Chisiza,  From: Malawi  

On behalf of the Chisiza family, I would like to extend our deepest and most profound condolences to the whole Kanyama family and friends at the sad loss of uncle Kanyama, your beloved father. He will be warmly remembered by many of us for his steering contribution to the liberation of our motherland.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.

11-23-2007 2:30 AM -- By: Cynthia Ponera,  From: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania  

My condolences to the entire family. We are with you in prayers. May his Soul Rest in Eternal Peace. Amen

11-23-2007 1:43 AM -- By: Bright Sonani,  From: Malawi  

My condolences to the entire family. Kanyama Chiume is part and parcel of Malawi history and that can never be taken away from him. May the Soul of this Great Son of Malawi Rest in Peace

11-23-2007 1:36 AM -- By: justin kaunda,  From: england  

may his soul rest in peace,we will always remember you

11-23-2007 1:26 AM -- By: John Kondowe,  From: Tcharo, Rumphi, Malawi  

Our prayers are with the family. My family has known the late Mr Chiume very well. Actually my parents kept Mr Chiume and Mr Chipembere in our family home for more than three weeks while they were running away from Dr Banda and going to Tanzania. Consequently, both my parents and deeply shocked, and pass sincere condolences to the Chiume fanily. Chiuta wawe namwe.

11-23-2007 1:04 AM -- By: Wilbrod Mpando,  From: Blantyre, Malawi  

May the Soul of Kanyama Chiume rest in eternal peace

11-23-2007 12:29 AM -- By: Patrick Kamera,  From: Ontario, Canada  

Tasi, Bosi, Sonia, Nathan na familia nzima poleni sana na msiba huu! Mungu awazidishie nguvu na faraja zake wakati huu mgumu.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.


Patrick and family.

11-22-2007 11:30 PM -- By: Paul Beda,  From: Tanzania  

i share my sorrow with the whole family...i know its a very difficult time for everyone who knew him. especially his family. it is important for us all to stay strong and treasure all the loving memories. may his soul rest in peace. Paul Beda (Nathan's friend)

11-22-2007 10:59 PM -- By: asya mwilima,  From: tanzania  

may Almighty God rest his soul in eternal peace.


11-22-2007 10:41 PM -- By: John Magoha,  From: New York  

Huu ni msiba wa Afrika nzima na wa wote wanaoitakia Afrika mema. Pole nyingi kwa familia ndugu na jamaa. Apumzike kwa amani.

11-22-2007 9:42 PM -- By: Afiya Kassim,  From:  

Innalillahi wa inailahi rajiun. May God rest his soul in peace. To the Chiume family. May God give you patience and strength.

11-22-2007 9:39 PM -- By: PATRICIA KISWAGA,  From: TANZANIA  


11-22-2007 8:11 PM -- By: Mboka , Mwiga, Amina & Jasmine Kapya ,  From: Kansas  

Dear Sonia, Nathan and Miriam. Our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.We know that you will draw upon your strength & the strength of your loved ones that hold you in their thoughts. You have our deepest sympathy. May the Lord rest uncle's soul in peace.

11-22-2007 7:29 PM -- By: renee,  From:  

god bless you always... happy birthday, happy thanksgiving! mommy 2 skye harrison, daughter of maria romanchick both on vm! so sorry for your recent loss...


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